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Boys Rock Bundle

Boys Rock Bundle Nfinity Classic BackpackNfinity Athletic Water BottleRock Your Hair Boys GelPa..

£88.64 Ex Tax: £73.87

Bubblegum Bundle

Bubblegum Bundle Ombre Hotline Pink BackpackNfinity Cheer Famous Water BottleBowPackage Value =..

£121.64 Ex Tax: £101.37

Candy Bundle

Candy BundleNfinity Classic Pink BackpackAnnie Rocks Hair GelRock Your Hair Water BottlePackage Valu..

£81.70 Ex Tax: £68.08

Diamond Bundle

Diamond BundleNfinity Disco BackpackNfinity Disco Bum BagNfinity Cheer Famous Water BottlePackage Va..

£132.14 Ex Tax: £110.12

FABULOUS FOUR Competition Package

Everything you need for the perfect hairstyle at competition!Package Includes:-Bombshell Powder 25g ..

£42.00 Ex Tax: £35.00

FIERCE 5 Competition Package

Everything you need for the perfect big curls at competition!Package Includes:-Bombshell Powder 25g ..

£51.60 Ex Tax: £43.00

Grinch Bundle

Grinch Bundle:v Nfinity Limelight Ombre Backpackv Black Makeup Case ..

£128.26 Ex Tax: £106.88

Icicle Bundle

Icicle BundleNfinity Princess Teal BackpackNfinity Princess Teal Makeup CaseNfinity Teal Bubble Lace..

£107.39 Ex Tax: £89.49

Onyx Bundle

Onyx BundleNfinity Classic Black BackpackNfinity Black Makeup CaseNfinity Black/White Uniform Organi..

£123.96 Ex Tax: £103.30

Pink Bubble Bundle

Pink Bubble BundleNfinity Pink Classic BackpackRock Your Hair Water BottleRock Your Hair ShampooRock..

£94.74 Ex Tax: £78.95

Pixie Bundle

Pixie Bundle:v Nfinity Lil' Noire Backpackv Nfinity Athletic Black Water Bottle  ..

£124.14 Ex Tax: £103.45

Shooting Star Bundle

Shooting Star BundleNfinity Starry Night Backpack (velvet with gold accents)Nfinity Gold Uniform Org..

£143.39 Ex Tax: £119.49

Starlit Bundle

Starlit BundleNfinity Night Brite BackpackNfinity Athletic Black/Red Water BottleRock Your Hair Girl..

£78.25 Ex Tax: £65.21

Tinsel Bundle

Tinsel BundleNfinity Gold Millennial BackpackNfinity Uniform Organiser - Gold logoNfinity Black Make..

£146.60 Ex Tax: £122.17

Vixen Bundle

Vixen BundleNfinity Leopard Millennial BackpackNfinity Gold logo Uniform OrganiserNfinity Black Make..

£146.60 Ex Tax: £122.17